Allie’s sweet kids.

Oh how I love little girls. I think I romanticize them because I have dirty little boys who just want to pin each other down and fart on one another.  When I met up with Allie from Home  and Never Alone and her sweet girl and her precious little boy I was instantly in love with them both. Can you even with the eyes?

IMG_2523 copy

Little boy was always on the move so I just ran after him and let him dictate what happened.

Allie gave me the best compliment on this one; she said I captured him perfectly. That is my ultimate goal.


Little Miss, well, she wasn’t into it at ALL in the begining but once we got going she started showing me her sweet and spunky personality. One minute all giggles and ballet and the next….mud puddles.

IMG_2561 copy

There is no boy equivilent of hair bows. I mean, come on!



She was just so sweet and funny. Once she got going she was on a roll!

IMG_2614Nope. Not cute at all.

And this little sweetheart always had a toy in hand, a choo-choo mostly.


We had such a fun morning together, of course she did make me promise to bring my kids next time. That will be one fun playdate!


1 thought on “Allie’s sweet kids.

  1. She wore the bow especially for your photos – my girl isn’t into hair accessories. 🙂 Thank you for capturing both of them so beautifully!

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