Ben and Lindsey- ENGAGED!

Couples photography, engagement session

Please meet my cousin, Ben and his darling fiance Lindsey. Something funny happened on this shoot, Ben who I rarely see outside of large family gatherings such a Thanksgiving where he is rather quiet and calm, well…Ben? Is funny. Really funny, and good sport even taking our teasing of “It’s not even a little bit about you Ben.” really well. Because we know it’s about the bride right? Okay, maybe it’s about the groom too, but it’s fun to tease a cousin, right?

Anyway, Ben and Lindsey are adorable, and you can see how much they love one another. I felt blessed to be allowed to shoot them.

for web-6782

for web-6790

for web-6838

for web-6977

for web-6851


I fell madly in love with Lindsey myself when she switched sides with Ben saying “I feel like this is a better side for my bangs.” As a fellow fringe wearer…I understood and approved of that choice.

Welcome to the family, Lindsey, we love you already!

for web-6810

True Love. Ain’t it grand?

for web IMG_6927


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