The N Family welcomes Baby Jacob

I first photographed the N family for the holidays, and despite the cold we had a blast! Baby Jacob was snuggled in the belly safe and warm though.


If you’re wondering how mama looked at 8 days postpartum when I met baby Jacob? The answer is like she didn’t just have a baby, much less deliver one without any intervention!

And I REALLY mean without any intervention.

You may have seen on the news a story of how mama went into labor and dad racing down the 270 missed the exit to Shady Grove, so baby was born in the front seat of the car? Yeah, Baby Jacob made his debut right into his dad’s arms…arms first. A breech delivery by dad in a car. Let’s hope this one isn’t in such a hurry the rest of his life! 11082216_794235143999664_7097541859213201796_o

Dad made the mistake of pushing up his shirt while helping me set up, once I knew he had a sleeve it was all over. We immediately instructed him to right upstairs and put on a black shirt. Babies+tattoos= instant radness. Not to mention these photos are especially sweet as these are the hands that caught him as he entered the world. If there is one thing I know about this father, he will ALWAYS be there to catch his children should they fall.



So tiny and precious. I have the best job ever. Thank you N family for trusting me with your photos!


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