My own children…like herding cats.

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You know how they say the Preacher’s children are always the wildest? Well, sometimes that applies to the photographer’s children as well. Most of the time my kids are really good at being in front of the camera, I take their picture almost every single day, they are the guinea pigs for every new light, lens or photography realated toy I get!

But when mama wants pictures, say ones for Christmas Cards? The boys get crazy! And it’s a blast. Like many shoots sometimes the out takes end up being my favorites.

What is this thing on my head?


Take my picture like this, Mommy! 


Sometimes the crazy ones are so precious, they end up being the one.

Possible picture ornament_.jpg

I adore these because while they aren’t the “perfectly staged everyone is looking at the camera” pictures, they capture my children’s personalities perfectly. That’s my ultimate goal as a photographer. The best comments I’ve ever received are “Oh, that is so my sweet little boy!” “You captured her firey spirit perfectly!”

And this? Is my sweethearts.


And lastly, the ellusive REAL smile on a 5 year old. It’s like the Holy Grail sometimes, isn’t it? Especially when Mommy is behind the camera. They know all my tricks which work on other children. Luckily for me, my husband is a physical comedian of John Ritter skill. When in doubt? Pratfalls. directly behind the camera.


Like many moms, I don’t love to be in the picture, which coming from a former actress might seem a silly thing to say. But all I see is the flaws. I decided to hand the camera off to my husband and he grabbed this of the boys kissing me.


I am trying not to focus on the flaws, inclusing the mid-kiss expression which makes me look a bit like the joker and focus on the fact that, my God, we love each other.

Oh, these pictures make my heart smile. I better get editing! I’ve got a Christmas card to make!


The S family, Jessica, Robbe and (move over every Disney star) Tuck.

Child Photography, family photos, holiday photos

Jessica is one of those people I’ve “known” on line for such a long time it’s like we know each other, and yet despite living about 20 miles apart we hadn’t met! I was thrilled when she booked a Holiday Mini Session and even more thrilled when they showed up and it was clear this shoot, was going to be FUN.

Tuck tried to play it off like he was shy but then he just got right in the middle of the set up and turned on the charm. And it worked, Tuck? I love ya.



With such a cutie for a daddy and a hottie for a mommy you can see where Tuck gets his good looks.

My favorite photos are always the ones where you can see the love. There’s a lot of love in that photo.

Every mama needs a headshot.

Jessica Watermark.jpg



Happy Holidays from the S family. Trust me, they spread cheer wherever they go.