The Strauss-Hudson Wedding

Stephanie Dulli Photography

I love weddings. I especially love when families are truly blending, this wedding was basically awesome. A small ceremony (which was rad for me, as I am not primarily a wedding photographer) but filled with love, and a lovely meshing of new and old traditions.

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Plus the Rabbi gave a cool shout out to marriage equality and that’s when I teared up. Go ahead, tease. It’s cool.

Almost as awesome? Puppies in bow ties and shirt cuffs. Obviously.

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After the ceremony the Bride’s mother insisted I partake of the mini cheeseburgers and handmade potato chips. Still thinking about them. Delicious!
Thank you Heather and Paul for allowing me the honor of capturing your wedding. It was a joy! Congratulations!


The last T-ball game…

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My son has been crazy about baseball since way before he was old enough to play T-ball. This Saturday marked the end of his time as a T-ball player as he moves up to Machine Pitch in the fall, it was also Huckleberry (my four year old’s) first time on the team, he split his time between batting and playing in the sandbox. But he did pose for some pictures.

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Coach Zach (their dad) and I want to thank the T-ball Nats for a great season!~

The K family welcomes baby Ryn

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The greatest compliment a photographer can receive is being hired repeatedly, so I was honored when the K family whom I had shot for the Holiday season announced they were having a new baby girl and asked me to capture those newborn moments.


The cheeks on this baby were absolutely edible.

Ryn joins big brother Ridge and big sister extraordinaire Riley. If I know one thing, it’s that Baby Ryn is in good hands. The only thing greater to me than seeing a new baby is seeing a new baby be lavished with love by bigger siblings. Personally I’ve had one baby who couldn’t wait to be a big brother and one who, really was put out and came to love his new baby. Whatever the journey siblings take it’s such a special one and I love when big siblings want to get in on the fun.

Sure, I was there to shoot baby Ryn, but am I really going to turn away this?





Grandma had made Ryn a darling blankie and asked if I might take her photo on it. This is now my new favorite thing, incorporating gifts or family heirlooms to newborn photos.


Baby Ryn was not only welcomed by mom, dad, Ridge and Riley but both sets of grandparents were there to help love, feed, change and oh yes, snuggle her.



This little angel is going to be just fine. And I can only hope I get to be there to see her celebrate her first with a big old cake smash session!